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Life Coaching

Are you ready to step into your dream reality?

Work  with  me

Yes? Remember this exact moment, because it is going to become the time you tell your friends "everything changed after that!". It's time to break through your limiting beliefs, reset your mindset and become your best self!


I see

I have been here, looking at a stranger on a website wondering, how can they help me? How is this person going to solve all my problems?  Well, I'm not - you are!

I changed my life with support from the coaching community and now...



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Meet your Coach

UK based life coach, author & businesswoman

I'm going to skip the BS & jump straight to why working with me is what you are looking for! I am not perfect and any coach claiming this should trigger your intuitive red flag alarm!

A few things I myself have overcome and healed:

  • Trust issues 

  • Unhealthy coping skills like smoking, over eating & drinking

  • ADHD symptoms being out of control!

  • Limiting beliefs like "I aM a FaiLuRe" 

  • Literally hating myself!!!

If you want to dive into my healing journey & all the qualifications I have, I spill all the tea on the 'about' page.

But this is about YOU!

This is the start of your healing journey

Plant Shadow

Single  Sessions

Belief Release

We will discover your limiting beliefs and release them from your mind and body!

This is for you if you...

- don't believe in yourself

- feel like something is holding you back

- want to release resistance you can feel but can't seem to shake off

Learn how to discover & accept where your beliefs have come from, have a mindset shift that empowers you, release negative energy & limiting beliefs with ease so you can rapidly transform your life!

Mindset Shift

How to alter your perspective, negative self talk on a conscious level, and change your daily habits so you can step towards the life you want!

This is for you if you...

- want to try life coaching

- feel like you are stuck in the 'victim mentality' way of thinking

- want to form lasting habits & set realistic goals to reach

This is a great way to try coaching before committing to the 12 week Free Yourself Method programme.


Coaching  Programmes

Free Yourself Method

A 12 week 1:1 coaching programme using a range of scientifically backed, proven methods to mentally free yourself from limiting beliefs, unhealed wounds, fear, and the stresses of the modern world that have slowly but surely pushed you into a corner!


Using techniques from Neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive behavioural therapy, hypnosis, ecopsychology, breath-work and much more, I take you on a liberating journey to release yourself from the brain habits that have been keeping you small and help you confidently step into your freeing mindset that suddenly makes anything possible!


Working with me each week in 2 hour sessions gives you the chance to ask questions, release negative energy in a guided safe space and have support throughout your journey. It means that if one method doesn't feel quite right for you, then we switch it up and tailor our way through your journey of rediscovery.


It's personal and all about you!

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Belief Release

A 3 week 1:1 coaching programme that targets limiting beliefs that have been holding you back. Using methods to enter into your subconscious mind and release unwanted beliefs for instant transformational mindset shifts!

The first session will be all about the areas of your life that you feel stuck. What blocks you feel you have and what triggers stress or makes you slip into unhealthy habits that you consciously DO NOT want...but can't seem to help it!

The following two sessions is where the transformation happens. Combining elements of conscious level life coaching, NLP, CBT, hypnotherapy, EFT, energy healing breath-work and, eco-psychology, you will finally feel free from brain baggage you didn't even realise you had!

ADHDon't give up!

A 6 week 1:1 programme that takes you through a self acceptance and perspective shift journey that you need when you have ADHD! You will learn...

  • all about emotional disregulation and how to not only manage your emotions but improve how reactive you are.

  • Coping skills that actually work for ADHDers!

  • Maintainable habit forming and setting yourself up to finally make lasting changes!

  • Self love, kindess and acceptance

  • How to make ADHD work for you, not against you!

We can tailor each 2hr session to have a focus on exactly what YOU need, whether that be emotional regulation tools, focus improvement, decluttering support, or how to improve your relationships whilst navigating your symptoms!

From one ADHDer to another - don't give up!

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Daily inspiration & tools

Ex depressed & broke girl showing you how to go from miserable to master of your mind so you can live your dream life too Manifestation works & I can prove it to you!


With  Love, Claire

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