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Crystal Clear


Finding Clarity Call

Are you struggling to make a decision, or entirely unsure about what your next step in life should be? Asking friends...

"What would you do if you were me?"

The Finding Clarity Call is designed to get you to a place where you feel crystal clear!

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How it  works

"The quality of your life ultimately depends on the quality of your decisions" 

The Finding Clarity Call is a one to one, 2 hour video call. Giving you a masterclass that teaches you how to ask yourself the right questions that lead to the right decisions for you! 

You will learn 8 proven techniques to guide you to the answers you hold within!

After investing in yourself, you will receive the Finding Clarity Questionnaire and booking link instantly.

It's time to become clear on what you want!

Plus you  get

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Your investment is only 1 single payment of £99.

That's right, you get all this for less than the average tank of petrol! Some decisions are a no brainer!

Are you ready to become clear about what you want?

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About  Claire

"I went from being miserable to a mindset mentor - and I'm helping others like YOU, to master your minds too!...I have devoted my life to changing the life of others. This is my calling and I am so excited to share with you the teachings, tools & practices that will finally set you free and let you step towards your dream life!"

Claire was crowned Ms Air UK 2018, has been featured in multiple magazines for her environmental advocacy and business ventures, is founder of a non profit community interest company and a successful life coach! Through her own healing, personal development, and ADHD diagnosis journey, Claire has quickly become the relatable coach that embraces the modern world whilst staying grounded through what some would deem to be 'hippie' methods! Claire is living as an example that disability labels, abusive relationships, heartbreaking loss and limiting beliefs can all be a part of your journey that takes you to your dream destiny!

I'm Claire Michalski your Mindset & Manifestation Coach

NLP, hypnosis, EFT, CBT, & ecopsychology practitioner. Proudly ADHD. Author & business woman

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